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Personal Insurance

Home Insurance

It may be the American dream but owning a home can quickly turn into a nightmare within a second from an accident or act of nature. Let us look after your biggest investment and everything in it with a proper policy that ensures its protection in the event of an accident or natural disaster.

Our independent agency offers insurance coverage for:

  • Primary residences and outbuildings

  • Vacation homes

  • Rental properties

  • Renters insurance for personal belongings

Home Insurance

Whether you’re downsizing to a condo, upgrading to a larger home, or sending a child off to college, we can match you with the right coverage at the right price. While you’re at it, experience the savings and convenience of partnering with one agency for all your insurance needs.

Auto Insurance

The reality about auto insurance is that it usually comes to mind on two occasions: when we buy it and when we need to use it. Do you have the coverage and deductible that’s right for you? Maybe it’s time to take another look! Are you purchasing coverage for the first time? We can help you get it right.

Our independent agency offers insurance coverage for:

  • Cars and trucks

  • Recreational vehicles

  • Motorcycles

  • Cargo trailers and accessories

Auto Insurance

Being an independent agency means we work with a variety of carriers. What does that mean for you? Choice—in coverage and pricing—that you won’t always find with other agencies.

Boat Insurance

Your boat is your sanctuary, your place of relaxation and a hideaway to make memories with those you love. There is nothing like being out there on the water, the wind against your face and the sun warm on your back.

What Boat Insurance Can Do For You:


  • Your boat is covered, so if damages should occur to your boat, you won't have to scrape that out of pocket. You should never have to worry about whether you will have to give up your boating fun due to damages to your boat - because with the right insurance, you will be able to take care of those damages and be back in the water in short order.

  • It covers property damage. You don’t want to have to face major property damage without the right coverage for your boat. Property damage can be expensive and trying to handle it without the right insurance can be financially draining.

Boat Insurance
  • ​Personal liability is covered as well. You never want to find yourself in a situation where you do not have the right personal liability insurance, but with the right coverage you will be all set and you won’t have to worry about it should a situation arise.

  • It also covers medical payments, which is invaluable should someone be injured, such as in a boat collision. Medical costs add up very fast, and having the right coverage is invaluable should serious - or even minor - injuries occur. You will be glad you have coverage, and so will everyone else involved.


Your boat is your relaxation, and you should be able to enjoy it with the comfort of knowing that should any mishaps occur, you will be covered and able to take care of whatever issues come up. Contact us today for a free insurance assessment and quote.

Life Insurance

Although death is a fact of life, it’s one many fail or chose not to plan for. Having a life insurance policy not only provides peace of mind during your lifetime, it will provide protection for your loved ones and family members in the event of your passing.

If others depend on you for financial support, part of your financial plan should include how you will provide for them in the event of your death. Purchasing a life insurance policy is a safety net that ensures your loved ones’ future financial obligations are met.


Think you don’t need life insurance? Think again.

I’m single, so I don’t have a family to take care of.
Life insurance can be used for funeral expenses and to pay off debts, relieving your loved ones of the financial burden.

Life Insurance

I’m young, so I don’t need it now.
When you’re young, life insurance is more affordable. Anything can happen at any time, and purchasing a policy now will protect your family from the unexpected while taking advantage of the lower rates.

My spouse is the primary source of income, so my income won’t need to be replaced.
Although it may not be essential to replace your income, your spouse may need help with childcare, housework and more.

We’re financially stable and have plenty of savings for the unexpected.
Have you factored in estate taxes? Certain policies can help protect assets and retirement funds.

Whether you’re a young professional or retired couple, we’re here to help with life insurance that meets your needs and protects your future. Contact Us Today for a free insurance assessment and quote.

Health Insurance

Finding the healthcare coverage you need at a price that fits your budget can be tough. Factor in changing regulations and a shifting marketplace, and it’s even tougher. Our agents are here to help you navigate, every step of the way.

Our full-service agency offers:

  • Individual & family health insurance plans

  • Long-term care coverage

  • Medicare supplemental insurance


All of our offerings are backed by experienced agents and a team of professionals who are committed to finding answers when you need them.

Our agency has been securing futures for over 50 years. Let us put that experience to work for your individual or family health insurance needs. Contact Us Today for Your Free Assessment.

Umbrella Policy

Home insurance? Check. Auto insurance? Check. Life insurance? Check. Complete coverage? Not quite. For many individuals and families, a personal umbrella policy provides the extra layer of protection needed for complete coverage.

What is an umbrella policy?
It’s a policy that provides expanded coverage—over and above your other policies—to protect people and assets.

Who needs an umbrella policy?
There isn’t a one size fits all answer. You may be a good candidate if you have a pool, a teen driver or if you frequently entertain.

Umbrella Insurance

Why have an umbrella policy?
An umbrella policy picks up where other coverage leaves off. Without it, anything beyond your primary coverage would come from your pocket. With it, you have additional dollars available.

Our local, experienced agents can help determine if an umbrella policy is right for you. We’re here to learn about your individual needs and risks, making a personalized recommendation. Contact us Today to Get Started.

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