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Cybersecurity is an ongoing threat that should not be taken lightly, and costs resulting from cyber security events are estimated to be $10.5 trillion on an annual basis by 2025.

Some of the most prevalent attacks today in the marketplace are as follows:


A type of malware that prevents users from accessing their system, personal files, or stopping operations and demands a ransom payment in order to regain access.


Emails with a “fake” link to sites with confidential information such as a bank or credit card company asking users for their passwords and ID’s.

Social Engineering

Or “Spoof Attack”, it’s a more focused and specifically targeted than phishing. Behavioral manipulation along with intelligence gathering about a large player at a company; often shows up as a bogus email from somebody prevalent in the company.

“I forgot to pay this bill before I left on vacation, can you wire $20,000 to this bank account?”


Keylogging software that monitors a user’s keystroke on the keyboard. Used heavily to obtain log-in information.


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